UnBreakable: AR Exhibit Documenting Black History using Augmented Reality (AR)

Documenting Black History using Augmented Reality (AR)

Without a doubt, living history experiences have a much more powerful impact on younger people than just reading stories in a book. Euphoria XR was able to bring black history into the AR experience. AR Exhibit an augmented reality experience will enable the audience to see exactly what it was like to be beaten by the cruel lords and understand the experience from a more emphatic place.


Develop an event activation that engages with audiences young and old to help understand the black history from a more emphatic place.


Highlighting some of the cruel events that happened to Mr. Cudjo Lewis and other slaves in the past through an immersive augmented reality experience.


Engaging with thousands of exhibition attendees and running the exhibitions in major cities of the United States, the final AR experience was so successful, we are launching an extension of the project in February 2021.

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Why AR?

Mobile-based augmented reality (AR) is the best of both worlds. It allows you to create cutting-edge interactive visual experiences, and deliver them directly to the hands of the consumer. Want to see the black stories up close? How about visiting the Clotilda slave ship virtually? Want to see the black history of your ancestors? All this and much more is possible thanks to the power of mobile AR.

Interactive Storytelling 

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