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Euphoria XR stands out as a premier company specializing in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Metaverse, Games, and App development. Our expertise has empowered businesses, global enterprises, and start-ups on their digital journeys. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, assisting them in achieving their goals. With a team of experts possessing diverse experiences and skills, we are continually exploring emerging technologies to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Euphoria XR started to do things differently. We saw an industry where people refused to ask hard questions and considered ‘just ok’ to be good enough. We like to start the conversation early, keep it going late and always do what’s best for our clients. By providing support from ideation through distribution and beyond, we have proven immersive technology has the power to shift perspective and leave a long-lasting impression. From building one of the largest VR developer communities in the country to forming long-term customer partnerships, we strive to build lasting relationships within our community and with our clients.


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Our Team

Founded in 2016, Euphoria XR is a top software development and IT consulting firm specializing in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) solutions. It is renowned for its creative and reliable digital solutions. Several IT projects have been successfully completed by our team of more than 100 full-stack engineers, designers, and innovators. We use the newest technology to bring your ideas to life, and our highly skilled developers’ unrivaled expertise helps enterprises. We provide advisory and development services for immersive experiences that merge the real and virtual worlds. VR, AR, XR, and mixed reality apps are just a few of the formats in which these experiences can manifest. Our ability to offer our clients state-of-the-art solutions is made possible by the company’s constant adherence to the most recent developments in the tech sector.

Euphoria XR specializes in Blockchain development, Artificial intelligence, Metaverse & NFTs solutions, 360-degree videos, branded AR filters, and WebAR, WebVR services. Our track record includes successful project completions, delivering top-notch services punctually and within budget. Client success is our success, fueled by innovation and technology-driven solutions, demonstrated in our solid portfolio working with renowned firms, crafting on-demand solutions with user-friendly, high-quality online platforms and apps to build trust, enhance client communication, and boost brand awareness.

Muhammad Ahmed Malik - Chief Technology Officer, CTO

Ahmad is a seasoned Product Consultant with a wealth of experience spanning several years, specializing in the design, product development, and strategic creation of web applications for diverse clients. As a creative technologist, Ahmad Malik has collaborated with some of the world’s most prominent brands, bringing innovation to the forefront of his work. His journey from ideation to deployment involves close collaboration with stakeholders, including product owners, technical teams, and business analysts. With 9+ years of expertise in the Game Development Industry, he has served as a full-stack Team Lead, showcasing expertise in creating user-behavior requirements and valuable product solutions.

Ali Ahmad - Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Ali is a professional with over a decade of experience in steering multimillion-dollar startup projects toward success. In his pivotal role, he excels in formulating strategic plans and delivering unparalleled AR and VR development services. As a Services Industrialist, Ali has expertise in service implementation, which has solidified our position as a leading game and product development company, Euphoria XR. He collaborates seamlessly with diverse technical teams and top-notch companies to deliver cutting-edge tech solutions in an effective and cost-efficient manner. He is committed to analyzing operations and streamlining processes, which determines his dedication to these areas, elevating our services to new heights.

Jameel Qureshi - Tech lead of AR/VR

Jameel stands as an accomplished Product Developer and Game Developer with extensive expertise in AR, VR, and cross-platform game development. Drawing from an entrepreneurial background, he boasts significant contributions to multimillion-dollar startup projects. With a rich experience spanning more than 9 years, Jameel is deeply passionate about democratizing game development, bringing a unique perspective and skill set to his role as a valuable product developer within Euphoria XR. His commitment to innovation and product excellence makes him a driving force behind our mission to deliver immersive and groundbreaking gaming experiences.

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Building high-quality immersive experiences are as much of an art as it is a science. These projects require a wide range of skills, expertise and industry understanding, and we’ve assembled the perfect team to do just that!

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