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Beyond imagination. Experience the Metaverse. We advise agencies to create innovative virtual experiences that captivate audiences.

Dexi Protocol

It is an augmented Reality (AR) based project. We applied modern augmented reality technologies into practice. Users can obtain and redeem AR bounty through this project, which enhances their engagement with digital material. Our work produced the customizable platform DexiHunter, which combines various digital assets. Users can simply manage NFTs, coins, and tokens in an intuitive wallet, which is enhanced with augmented reality for an exciting bounty collection. Apart from gaming, DexiHunter is an easy-to-use social networking platform that works well for events and consumer communication. DexiHunter is a promising sign of things to come for the digital world, as it successfully blends blockchain technology with augmented reality.


Poke is an advanced smartphone app that uses social media with augmented reality (AR) technology to open up new possibilities for social networking. Developed by EuphoriaXR, it transforms the way we interact and communicate online. With Poke, you can engage with people, fully experience your surroundings, and improve the quality of your connections like never before. Push notifications help you stay updated on new friend requests and communications, so you never miss a thing in your social network. Download it right now to see your augmented reality connections come to life.

Total Parco

Total Parco, a major oil company in South Asia, aims to develop a unique launch approach to create buzz about their new Quartz Robo motor oil brand. Euphoria XR collaborated with Total Parco and their agency of record (AOR) to develop an immersive narrative and gaming feature that elevated consumer interaction with the brand. Ultimately, consumers could compete for points in a timed, puzzle-like marketing experience while having the opportunity to “try the products” in a gamified virtual environment. The two teams used everything from 3D automobile models to petrol stations and even regionally unique food carts, collaborating to create a branded virtual reality experience that consumers will remember. 


TTec, a leading provider of contact center services worldwide, aims to provide customers and potential hires with the opportunity to witness TTec’s industry-changing projects, which will fasten contract closing and attract top staff. As the foundation of the entire experience, Euphoria XR created a unique VR application to guarantee the best possible transmission of the finished 360-degree footage. The Oculus Go and Pico VR platforms easily support this cross-platform VR application. Together, we developed an engaging and distinct vision that understood TTec’s objective of employing 360-degree video technology. With a strong and compelling brand image, TTec can attract top talent and share its story with a larger audience due to this purposeful decision. 


The well-known exercise glove manufacturer Harbinger sought to improve their customers’ online buying experience by reducing the returns caused by fitment problems. Using advanced web-based augmented reality (WebAR) technology, we led the design and development of a mobile solution specifically designed for precise measurement of human hands. With great care and attention to detail, we created the ultimate experience, measuring human hands with an astounding 95% accuracy. This creative solution improves the online shopping experience and drastically lowers the frequency of returns by guaranteeing a perfect fit for each consumer.

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Creating immersive experiences for almost ten years.

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Globally renowned for producing exceptional outcomes.

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Accomplished tricky projects with creativity and expertise.

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Determined experts committed to providing innovative solutions.

Our Comprehensive AR/VR Development Services

With our AR/VR development services, we can help your business grow by applying the most recent immersive innovations and industry best practices. We customize AR/VR solutions to your unique needs, promising superiority in every aspect of technological innovation.

Niches We Serve

With an impressive history of success in metaverse development, EuphoriaXR helps companies of all kinds grasp the opportunities of this important industry. Together, we create immersive experiences that help your audience to achieve their goals.


Facilitating online banking services such as loans, safe transactions, and financial guidance specific to the metaverse setting.


Creating online markets and simplifying online transactions for purchasing and selling goods and services inside the metaverse.


Developing and offering immersive experiences in the metaverse, including live performances, virtual theatres, and impressive storytelling.


Offering wellness programs, telemedicine services, and virtual health consultations.


Create and sell innovative 3D avatar clothing, jewelry, and other items that let users express themselves in new ways.


Increasing the range of educational options by incorporating interactive learning environments, virtual classrooms, and simulations that improve learning.


Creating virtual arcades, esports venues, and multiplayer gaming systems to serve everyone in the Metaverse gaming community.


Establishing ride-sharing programs, virtual transit networks, and innovative travel experiences to enable easy metaverse travel.


Enhancing financial operations in the Metaverse through integrating virtual investment platforms, bitcoin transactions, and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions.

How We Work

To Get Your Business
To the Next Level

Our strategy is centered on developing a mutually beneficial relationship with creative agencies. We encourage open dialogue and teamwork at every stage of our involvement, promising you a perfect package of creative agency solutions. This guarantees that every process stage—from original conception to continuous improvement—remains in line with your organization’s needs.


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Over the last ten years, we have assisted clients in a variety of industries in using Web3 to optimize their operations. Our tens of thousands of hours of experience add up to a track record of accomplishment.


First, we have in-depth conversations with your team to learn more about your business problems and long-term objectives. 


Equipped with your organization’s insights, our talented team creates customized solutions. By maintaining open lines of communication, we exceed expectations and provide real value to the business.


After implementing the solution, we monitor user data and evaluate its effectiveness regularly to pinpoint areas for improvement.

What Our Clients Say

Jenny C. Might & True

I must say they were very responsive and flexible to our changing project needs. Very easy to work with. They impressed us with their time management and communication skills. I recommend EuphoriaXR to anyone looking for creative agency solutions.

Derek S. Air Everywhere

It was our third collaboration with this amazing team. We were looking for a perfect crypto exchange and trading site. They delivered exceptional results and on-time delivery. They do their best and stand as the best choice in the field. Highly recommended!

Don Reyke Dexio Protocol

Working with EuphoriaXR was the best decision for our medium-sized creative agency. During our collaboration, we constantly learned new marketing trends from them. The final product was the exact AR/VR solution we sought. We regard them as a true work partner.

Fisher Harbinger

Quite professional with their work. The team has excellent communication skills. What I liked the most was their flexibility towards our continuously changing needs for the project. I would recommend Euphoria XR for its exceptional metaverse solutions.

Arguello Replay AR

Amazing creativity skills! They work quite actively and know how to give suggestions while also listening to their client. Communication through Skype was smooth. We highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking creative web design for their creative agency.

Ferguson Unbreakable

The team is very patient. This was our second project with them. They are a fantastic team to work with for 360-degree video solutions. We are now considering joining hands with EuphoriaXR for our next project. A dream team indeed. Highly recommended!


We feel honored to have received so many esteemed awards. Some worth mentioning awards include Clutch’s Top AR/VR Development Company 2023, SXSW People’s Choice Award 2022, and New York Festivals Bronze Winner 2022. These awards showcase our commitment to providing extraordinary outcomes and service. They also demonstrate the trust we have received from clients and industry fellows. That is why we continue to dream more and seek to take our company to the next heights. 

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Get the Benefit of our AI Expertise

Game Development

EuphoriaXR creates entire immersive game experiences. To bring your idea to life, we combine modern AI technologies with our iOS, Android, AR/VR, Blockchain, and Unity development knowledge. We combine our experience with iOS, Android, AR/VR, Blockchain, and Unity programming with modern AI for improved character behavior and dynamic landscapes.

Application Development

We influence how you engage with your audience, creating the interaction of the future. We use modern artificial intelligence to develop inventive desktop and mobile apps for various sectors and immersive gaming experiences across platforms. With the help of our AI expertise, you can redefine interactions and create engaging, inspiring, personalized experiences.

Digital Marketing Services

We provide AI-powered IT advice and full-service digital marketing services. Our generative AI technologies let your company take advantage of new opportunities by streamlining operations and optimizing procedures. Using a comprehensive approach, we assist businesses in enhancing their web presence, attracting targeted visitors, and increasing income.

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