Giving customers and employees an inside look at company operations with 360 video

Calling a local cable company only to get connected with someone in a different hemisphere that doesn’t understand the problem you’re facing is frustrating and not conducive to good customer experience. TTec is a worldwide Contact Center service provider shaking up a legacy industry. They called upon the power of 360 video to help share their story with the world, close deals faster and attract new recruits.


Give customers and new recruits the opportunity to experience TTec’s industry-shifting initiatives first hand, helping close deals faster and engaging top-tier talent.


Design and develop a multi-part 360 video powered VR application allowing users to experience the “TTec Difference” from anywhere in the world.


An industry first sales and recruitment tool that has proven to help close deals quickly and attract top-notch talent.

Why 360 Video?

With contact centers in more than 24 countries, giving clients an inside look at TTec’s operations can be quite challenging; operations that are also easy to explain but difficult to understand without a firsthand perspective. 360 video solves both of these problems. By leveraging a cutting-edge technology like 360 video, TTec is also helping to bolster their perception as an innovative 21st century company.

Interactive Storytelling 

Immersive Brand Strategy

TTec came to us with a fairly good idea of what they wanted to do but with a limited understanding of how to best execute their vision. Before ever discussing creative concepts or production plans, the two companies worked together to create a project strategy that aligned with TTec’s larger brand goals and growth initiatives.

Creative Direction

With the strategy laid out, Euphoria XR was able to provide a clear, creative vision to guide the project through completion. This plan included story treatments, script development, vision boards, character persona development, location scouting, and talent casting.

Immersive Development

360 Video Production

With offices around the world and a diverse, anticipatory audience, it was important we capture the breadth of TTec’s global operations. 360 video production took place across two countries over 4 days of shooting with one highly talented host-actress and hundreds of captivating background extras. The final result was a series of five highly engaging 360 videos covering the core aspects of TTec’s technology innovations, transformative employee programs and award-winning service.

Virtual Reality Development

In order to help ensure the final 360 videos were delivered in the best fashion possible, Euphoria XR developed a custom VR application, (TTec-branded, of course) to serve as a jumping-off point for the entire experience. The cross-platform VR app was developed to run on both the Oculus Go and Pico VR platforms.


Distribution Strategy & Development

Leveraging the power of VR in a high-stress sales environment or the chaos of a tradeshow can be quite a challenge. Teaching people how to use the hardware, not knowing what your users are seeing or trying to log multiple devices onto a client’s WiFi are all sure-fire ways to an instant headache. To help avoid these issues, Euphoria XR integrated both ‘Kiosk’ and ‘Presenter’ modes into the final VR app. This provided a completely hands-free experience for the user and allows sales associates to remotely control the application via a provided tablet.

Immersive Brand Activations

To round out the final delivery of the experience, Euphoria XR designed and developed a set of ‘VR kits’ for TTec sales associates. These kits not only include the latest in wireless VR technology, but they also incorporate a complete charging solution and a remote WiFi network. Show up to the client’s office, pass out the headsets, power-up the WiFi, and go! A complete travel-ready VR solution all in the confines of an easy-to-carry, TSA approved travel case. Donuts served.

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