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Capture the memories and instantly create AR experiences with ReplayAR!

Imagine going to a place you visited long ago and seeing it exactly as it was, with all your friends and loved ones still there, just as you remember them. That’s a powerful thing!

This patented technology allows you to geocache your memories and see personal experiences projected on the locations where they actually happened. Finding these AR photos in the real world is basically a combination of Instagram and Pokémon GO, but beyond that, the AR you create today can also be seen by future generations and provides a lasting way of saying: We were here.


Develop an app that preserves the memories of users on a specific location at a particluar time.


Make a technology that saves the photos for a longer period of time, not just this but also user can view that in augmented reality anytime he visits that location.


Came with a Geo-fenced augmented reality app that saves the photos of the user on the location where they were clicked and save it for a long period of time and it stays there when user visits the same location again.

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Why AR?

Mobile-based augmented reality (AR) is the best of both worlds. It allows you to create cutting-edge interactive visual experiences, and deliver them directly to the hands of the consumer. Want to see a Dinosaur up close? How about visiting the Nanga Parbat Peak again? Want to see the memories of your kids? All this and much more is possible thanks to the power of mobile AR.

Interactive Storytelling 

Creative Direction

From concept discovery to storyboards and script writing, all the tools needed to drive a project vision through completion.

Experience Design

Bring your experience to life with stunning design based on industry best practices and cutting-edge interactive theory.

Immersive Development

Augmented Reality Development

Location-based cross-platform AR applications require a number of different tools and skillsets to successfully execute. In the development of this application, Euphoria XR leveraged the latest AR technology from both Apple (ARKit) and Android (ARCore), multiple SDKs, and provided custom code development services.


Distribution Strategy & Development

Discovering the best channels, formats and mediums to unlock the full potential of your immersive experience and building a plan to make it happen.

Back-End Support & Database Development

App store publication, data management, application maintenance, and database integration may not be sexy, but they are essential.

Analytics & Performance Optimization

Understand your audience engagement and see where improvements can be made: Analytic systems integration, custom dashboards, and more.

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