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Digital experiences over the real world with Best Augmented Reality Development in Austin Texas.

Build Augmented Reality development in Austin Texas with Euphoria XR, Best AR Company in US. We offer comprehensive augmented reality design and development services to help take your AR idea and put it into action that works. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or reduce employee training times, AR is a powerful technology you can begin to take advantage of right now. Our AR Company is capable to do that.

What Is Augmented Reality Development?

AR is a technology that allows you to place digital assets over the physical world. Popular examples include face filters in Snapchat or the mobile game Pokemon GO. AR technology scans a physical space or surface of an object, whether it be a human face or your living room floor, and then ‘attaches’ a digital asset to that surface.

This creates the optical illusion as if that digital object or character were actually in the room with you. This is slightly different than virtual reality, learn more about that tech here.

And How Do You Use It?

AR has already proven value across a wide range of industries. Improve your customers buying confidence by letting them try on the latest makeup styles or see what that new couch looks in their living room before they have to make a purchase. Industrial AR applications like corporate training, digital assistants and diagnostics tools are also helping to improve business efficiencies and reduce costs. AR can be developed to run on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets, as well as wearable AR goggles like the Mircosoft Hololens and MagicLeap. What to dive even deeper into the world of AR? Hire Euphoria XR The best AR Company in US for your augmented reality apps. Click here.

Augmented Reality  Development in US (AR) Services

Augmented Reality apps

Ideation & Concept Development

Through our ideation and concept development process, we can help your team discover the best hardware and software tools, as well as the best distribution platforms that will help ensure your AR experience is accessible, easy to use and leaves a lasting impression.

Low-poly 3d chair model for augmented reality furniture mobile app

3-D Modeling & Asset Creation

Digital assets are the lifeblood of any good AR experience. Whether you need to convert product renderings into low-poly 3-D models or develop full-body scans of a famous baseball player, our team has the skills and expertise to help create all the digital assets your AR project might require.

iPhone showing augmented reality furniture mobile app

Augmented Reality Development

Our extensive experience in game development and VR content creation gives us the skills and expertise needed to produce exceptional AR experiences. Whether building for social media platforms, native mobile applications leveraging ARkit or ARCore, or for the latest AR wearable, we can help your team get the job done right.

Augmented Reality apps

Quality Assurance & App Store Publication

There are over 250 AR capable smartphones currently on the market. This means testing, testing, and more testing. We offer robust quality assurance and testing services to help ensure your experience works as intended no matter the device. We also offer assistance with app store publication on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Augmented Reality Development in Austin Texas

What is Augmented Reality Development? Well, it has much larger implications than just recreation development. It boosts information availability, transparency requirements, and accessibility like never before thanks to the internet of things (IoT).



Augmented Reality is a form of mixed reality that’s technology-enhanced. It can be seen in many everyday life applications such as GPS, or when an advertising company customizes windows in a store to show off their products and ads. It’s new, exciting, and takes AR globally.



The growth of augmented reality has received attention from the Dallas-Forth Worth area as well as other major metropolitan areas. Augmented Reality Development Austin is one of these areas as it’s been reached by social media based purely on the contents’ responses. This demonstration will explore AR Development in Austin and the avenues that are being explored to get there.




Position a 3D image anywhere with Euphoria XR!              

Whether you want to put the world inside your phone or call on U.S. artists to co-create immersive VR temporal installations, we’re here for you!

With VR, you can put the world inside your phone. In a sense, the world is your oyster. You can visit places that are too far away or too expensive to get to in person. You can go back in time and see what it was like to walk through ancient Rome or watch a performance by the Beatles.



The immersive VR temporal installations are more than just art pieces, they provide a new way for people to experience history and interact with it at their own pace, as well as providing an opportunity for artists and historians to co-create these pieces together.


Augmented Reality Development in Austin Texas, one of the most popular cities in the state and the US has many innovations and advancements. A lot of promising Augmented Reality Development is being done there.



It’s no surprise that Austin has become the capital of virtual reality and augmented reality. Euphoria XR has an always developing culture that is integrating Augmented Reality technology at all levels of game design.



It is the prime spot for AR Developers to get a glimpse of the technology and explore spatial computing. At SXSW 2018, “there were plenty of VR developers, but fewer who were developing AR experiments.” 10% of the US’s Augmented Reality Development companies exist in Austin. It is one of the few cities in America that has a very active and lively start-up scene. A vibrant tech start-up culture has been generated.





Great AR Features Hunt while Hiring Euphoria XR’s Experts!



· Chart-topping AR mobile development experience

We deliver 100% native code and a C++ engine for high-performance AR. For sponsors looking to capitalize on development in this growing market, Euphoria XR makes it easy to explore possible deals through our virtual augmented reality showrooms.


· World-leading Augmented Reality Company

Hire our team if you want expert personnel to help you turn your business idea into a running product in the US. They don’t call us the best because it sounds good — we deliver the best quality you need.



·Revolutionizing AR

Euphoria XR is a technology lab dedicated to exploring the endless potential of AR and finding smart solutions for a modern world.



· Professional team

Euphoria XR is a company of folks with enormous talent. Our skillsets range from engineering, design, and content specialists- all geared towards accelerating AR innovation.



· AR expertise

We are experts in building robust AR apps (e.g., Autodesk, ScribblesOn), thus shortening your iteration cycle, and allowing you to hit critical milestones fast while working iteratively in an agile way. Euphoria XR’s team is made up of professional attitudes – driven not just to deliver good work but also to surpass expectations.



Are you looking for AR services and need help in the US? Euphoria XR is the best site to explore in this regard. Our company offers top-notch AR development services with one of the best augmented reality designers around. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you create cool stuff like an immersive shopping experience, interactive way-finding solutions, and custom digital assets that bring your world to life.



It’s simple — there’s no point in creating something great if no one can use it. We take care of making sure your project gets executed flawlessly while they still keep its unique utility, function, and aesthetic. So, after the project launch, it will look as though your custom AR asset was a natural addition to your environment all along. That’s what we mean by “Creative Reality”. Contact us and become a star creator now with the assistance of Euphoria XR’s expert AR developers!