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Power up your network & earn with Euphoria XR's Referral Program

Are you passionate about the immersive world of AR/VR? Do you know someone in need of cutting-edge AR/VR solutions? Euphoria XR is thrilled to introduce our Referral Program, which is designed especially to empower people and to reward your enthusiasm for our work. Join hands with us in shaping the future of virtual experiences, and we’ll show our appreciation by offering you a handsome amount of the total project when you refer a client or friend to Euphoria XR’s outstanding services.

Referral Benefits Unleashed

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Earn Passive Income

Referring clients or friends to Euphoria XR allows you to earn a generous percentage of the total project amount as a referral bonus. This is a fantastic way to create passive income while sharing your enthusiasm for immersive technology

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Expand Your Network

The Referral Program is an opportunity to expand your professional network. You can connect with clients and friends who share your passion for AR/VR, potentially leading to more collaborations and opportunities in the future

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Help Shape the Future

By referring clients to Euphoria XR, you play a crucial role in supporting and promoting cutting-edge AR/VR. You're helping bring innovative technology to a broader audience, contributing to the industry's growth

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Enhance Your Service Offering

If you provide services similar to ours, like web development, you can complement your offerings by referring clients to Euphoria XR. This way, you not only earn rewards but also enrich your service portfolio, creating additional income opportunities

How it works?

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling AR/VR metaverse gaming project? Euphoria XR is here to make dreams come true, and we’d like to reward you for spreading the word.

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Refer a
Client or Friend

If you know someone in need of AR/VR services, simply refer them to Euphoria XR.

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Sign Up

When your referral signs up for our services, they'll have a opportunity to mention your name as the referrer.

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Create Magic

Our expert team will work their magic, bringing your referral's vision to life through innovative and captivating AR/VR or gaming solutions

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Your Reward

You will receive the referral bonus equal to 10% of the total project amount, which can be subjected to potential increases under specific situation.

Euphoria Referral Program

Unlock a World of Rewards with
Euphoria XR's Referral Program

Euphoria XR’s program is all about sharing your passion for AR/VR while earning a generous 10% referral bonus. Help shape the future of immersive technology and expand your network in the world of virtual experiences.

Euphoria Referral Program

Clients who share our
metaverse journey

Are you wondering who makes the perfect match for Euphoria XR’s cutting-edge AR/VR metaverse gaming development services? Our ideal clients come from various industries, which include

Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Euphoria XR seamlessly collaborates with agencies seeking to enhance their campaigns with captivating immersive experiences, making brands stand out

Corporate and Enterprises

We offer tailored AR/VR solutions for corporations and enterprises, enriching their strategies with immersive technology for training, presentations, and engagement.

Gaming Development Studios:

Established or up-and-coming gaming studios can partner with Euphoria XR to bring their virtual worlds to life, offering players unforgettable gaming experiences.


Entrepreneurs and innovators in the start-up world can leverage our expertise to create disruptive AR/VR applications that set them apart in the market.

How To Enroll

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Step 1

Fill Out The Referral Form To Apply

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Step 2

Get Your Personal Referral Code

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Step 3

Share & Earn!


We stand at the forefront of the AR/VR realm

Euphoria XR is a leader in AR/VR metaverse gaming development. Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting immersive, interactive experiences that leave players and audiences in awe. When you refer a friend or client to us, you can trust that they’ll receive world-class services.

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57+ Active Clients

650+ 5 ★ start reviews

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What Our Clients Say

Jenny C. Might & True

Euphoria XR is a turning point for our marketing agency, impressing clients and elevating our campaigns with attention to detail, a personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence. They are invaluable to our agency's success

Derek S. Air Everywhere

Euphoria XR is an invaluable asset to our startup, helping us stand out with custom AR/VR solutions that create a strong impact. Their dedication, timeliness, and creative excellence make them our go-to partner for success in a competitive market

Don Reyke Dexio Protocol

Euphoria XR realized our startup's vision with AR/VR excellence, combining customization, attention to detail, and seamless collaboration. Their work significantly contributed to our success, and we're eager for more innovative projects together

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Shipping immersive products for almost a decade.

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Satisfied Clients
11 1

Trusted by clients worldwide for exceptional results

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Executed Projects
19 1

Successfully delivered innovative tech projects

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ProTeam Member
0 +

Committed professionals driving innovation in AR/VR

Euphoria Referral Program

Level Up Your Earnings: Refer & Earn with Euphoria XR's Referral Program

Join the Metaverse Revolution and Boost Your Income! With Euphoria XR’s Metaverse Referral Program, every referral you make is a step closer to unlocking limitless rewards. Start referring today and be part of the future of gaming while enjoying substantial earnings.

Euphoria Referral Program


Euphoria XR, founded in 2017, is a pioneer in AR/VR and metaverse development. Since its inception, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of immersive technology. It has a track record of innovative projects across various industries, fostering valuable partnerships and shaping the industry’s future. Euphoria XR remains committed to creating groundbreaking AR/VR experiences as it continues its journey in the digital realm.

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Years of pioneering AR/VR and metaverse development.

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Recognized for excellence in delivering exceptional results

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Trusted by the government and startups for delivering exceptional results

Referred Clients Benefits

Top-Tier Services

Referred clients benefit from our world-class AR/VR metaverse gaming development services, delivered with excellence and expertise

Colloaboration Opportunities

They have the chance to collaborate with Euphoria XR, fostering creativity, innovation, and the realization of their vision

Exceptional Quality

Referred clients enjoy projects executed to the highest standards, resulting in impressive, immersive metaverse experiences


Our clients, spanning various industries and regions, entrust us with their unique challenges. Through tailored solutions, we’ve delivered exceptional results. Case studies like DEXIO, SANOFI, TXDOT, TTEC, MOCK HOUSE, and many more showcase our ability to meet diverse needs. We prioritize client confidentiality and look forward to continued collaborations.


We’re proud to have received prestigious awards, including the SXSW People’s Choice Award 2022, New York Festivals Bronze Winner 2022, Clutch’s Top AR/VR Development Company 2023, and many more. These accolades highlight our commitment to delivering exceptional results and the trust we’ve earned from clients and industry peers. These achievements inspire us to continue setting high standards for the future

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Referred Clients Benefits

Interactive Storytelling

We delve into your story, your team, and your audience, offering services in Creative Direction, Experience Design, Immersive Brand Strategy, and Storyboards and Concept Art.

Immersive Development

We stay at the forefront of immersive tech, providing services in 360° Video Production, Virtual Reality Development, Augmented Reality Development, and WebAR & WebVR Development


We ensure your experience reaches the right people at the right time, with services including Immersive Brand Activations, Backend Support & Database Management, Hardware Procurement & Support, and Analytics & Performance Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

The referral program is an incentive program that rewards individuals for referring new clients to Euphoria XR. For each new client referred, the individual will receive a referral reward equal to 10% of the total project amount, which can be subjected to potential increases under specific situations

The program is open to all individuals who are 18 years or older and have the legal right to participate in such programs. Legal entities such as companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships are also eligible to participate

To participate in the referral program, you must share your unique referral link with potential new clients. The referral link can be shared via email, social media, or any other means deemed appropriate by you. The new client must sign up for Euphoria XR’s services using the referral link for you to be eligible for the referral reward

The referral reward is equal to 10% of the total project amount for each new client referred, which can be subjected to potential increases under specific situations

The referral reward will be paid once the new client’s project is completed and payment has been received in full

No, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make

No, referrals made by employees of Euphoria XR or their immediate family members are not eligible for the referral program

Referral rewards may be subject to taxes and the individual is solely responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes on the reward

Yes, Euphoria XR reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the referral program at any time without prior notice