Nike’s First NFT is revealed and it’s jaw-dropping!!!

NFT Creation

EuphoriaXR described the Nike collaboration with Metaverse  in the previous article. Well, Nike has revealed the first-ever NFT, and it’s something that would create a buzz in the world of the metaverse & NFT. In Collaboration with RTFKT Studios Nike is all set to decide the future of sneakers digitally. This collaboration took place as, RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS”.

On March 19, RTFKT Studios uploaded a video on their Instagram and named it Quest # 3  The video left the fans curious about these quest boxes. On the 22nd of April, RTFKT revealed that the mystery is finally over and they dropped a video of the quest getting unboxed.

Nike and NFTs

The collection looks promising and record-breaking as what else one can expect from NFT? The collection is labeled “Future of Sneakers”. Nike launched a number of sneakers that attracts customers to this collection. Well, it is clear that this collection will beat all the other sneakers collections of the season due to its uniqueness and connection with Metaverse.

Nike NFT

Not only Nike, many brands and fashion houses are seemed to be interested in Metaverse and are willing to take things up with the virtual world but till now let’s have a look at what EuphiriaXR thinks about this digital collection.

Euphoria XR NFT

Wrapping up with EuphoriaXR

If we start from the idea of collaboration with Metaverse, it is great as technology plays an important role in every field. Fashion always has its unique ways to amuse people and attract them. Metaverse is one of the newest yet classy ways to be discussed in fashion.

From AR/VR to NFT, EuphoriaXR is here to guide you all about the Virtual World. If you are planning to invest in NFT or looking for a blockchain game developer, you are all covered up with euphoriaXR.

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