Transform Your Business Card with AR: Avatar Business Card!

Are business cards outdated, or are they useful and relevant? Are they still serving their purpose well? Despite any flaws, business cards are still among the desirable business networking tools that are important in interactions with potential customers.

However, despite their advantages, traditional business cards come with limitations. For instance, of the ten billion business cards produced yearly, 88%—or 8 billion—are discarded within one week. Digital cards, on the other hand, often lack the personal touch needed to build relationships with potential customers and might require downloading an app that not everyone is willing to commit to.

This is why it’s the perfect time to introduce an AR-based business card, which is the future. An AR card effortlessly combines the best of both digital and physical business cards. AR business cards, also known as Avatar business cards, use the power of augmented reality to offer an interactive and dynamic method of communicating your well-qualified details. 

Euphoria XR will help you create AR card designs that create lasting impressions. Let’s design a digital business card that represents your distinct brand identity and distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. We use the most up-to-date WebAR technology to provide innovative AR experiences. These cards are accessible via any browser on the Internet without the requirement to download extra applications.

Let’s discuss more about what exactly an AR Business Card is.

What is an AR Business Card/Avatar Business Card?

An AR business card looks similar to a standard business card’s design, with digital enhancements seen in the AR application on tablets or smartphones. The distinction is that the pattern of the logo, QR codes, or any other printed design on the card is utilized to activate Augmented Reality material. It is, therefore, more engaging, interactive, and educational than ordinary business cards. 

It changes how information about contacts is shared by overlaying digital content, such as video clips, 3D avatars, and interactive links, onto the physical card using augmented reality. When the recipient scans the card using an AR application, they can gain access to this enhanced content, making the card much more entertaining and memorable.

How to Experience Our AR Business Card in a 360 Degree Environment?

If you are worried that it will cost you a lot, you are in the right spot. Designing the perfect AR business card with no-code solutions like Euphoria XR takes no money or time. It’s all done using a simple drag-and-drop. Our free subscription for the first 100 users makes creating Avatar business cards completely free and simple.

As a company specializing in Augmented Reality Solutions, our team has employed our expertise to reimagine the commonly used business cards. The upgraded version is a clear and elegant illustration of our capabilities. This interactive piece will attain higher conversion rates than the standard paper card. With the help of an AR

What’s Inside

For a first-hand experience with our business card, you can get a physical copy or the marker using AR platforms like Euphoria XR, which is available on Android and iOS. We have employed marker-based AR technology to allow scans of cards for businesses owned by various people.

You can make an outstanding website-based AR Business card on the Euphoria XR platform in just a few steps, as given below:

1. Obtain Your AR Business Card

First, you should have a physical AR business card. If you don’t have a physical AR business card, you must have a link to click and enjoy the experience of an AR Business Card. You can also use Euphoria XR’s Avatar business card to enjoy immersive AR experiences. See the image below:

Business Card with AR: Avatar Business Card -Euphoria XR

2. Position the AR Business Card

Place the AR business card in front of the camera or your smart device. Ensure the card is given the camera and aligned properly to allow the application to take pictures from a 360-degree angle.

Business Card with AR: Avatar Business Card -Euphoria XR

3. Scan Our AR Based QR Code

To scan your QR code, use your smartphone or smart device and experience a fantastic 3D environment.

Business Card with AR: Avatar Business Card -Euphoria XR

4.  Enjoy the AR Business Card Experience

After scanning the QR code, you will see an AR business card with 360 degrees of full-fledged experience. It shows a 3D model of our CTO that appears on the marker and tells you about the company. You can see a list of features as mentioned in the image:

  • Visit our Website

  • Click our CTO LinkedIn profile

  • Send an Email 

  • Schedule a virtual meeting with Calendly

This Avatar business card has been created using Unity, which allows cross-platform mobile applications in conjunction with the EasyAR SDK. These buttons can be interactive and connect to relevant web pages. We also employ sound recognition to match the voice to the speech animation.

An AR marker on the back of a business card represents Euphoria XR CTO.

5.  Interact With the AR Content

When you activate the AR experience, you will notice interactive elements in your display. You can participate in the AR content, including animated videos, graphics, or more details about your business.

What’s the Purpose of an AR Business Card?

AR business cards change traditional networking by increasing engagement while providing unforgettable interactive experiences. 

  • AR business cards help you create different types of content, such as videos, images, animations, 3D models, 3D texts, and audio. 

  • They also help provide important tracking features, allowing users to analyze interactions and increase their strategy. 

  • AR business cards support sustainability by reducing the requirement for large printed materials. 

  • They can be updated without reprinting, innovatively closing the digital and physical networking gap.

Benefits of AR Business Card

1. Memorability

The unique and engaging interaction of the Avatar business card ensures that your business card is noticed and increases the likelihood that people will remember you. In an environment where professionals trade thousands of business cards daily, an AR card’s capacity to help provide an unforgettable experience gives you an edge.

2. Interactivity

AR business cards could contain animations, videos, and other interactive elements that entice recipients more than a typical business card. Imagine a potential customer viewing your product’s introduction video or even a 3D representation right from your card.

3. Information Density

Although traditional cards are restricted in physical size, AR cards can present an enormous amount of information, like Portfolio links, company information, and contact information, with no clutter. This allows you to deliver an extensive overview of your offerings or services without overpowering the card’s appearance.

4. Updatability

The information on AR business cards is upgraded digitally, meaning contact information is always up-to-date. This feature particularly benefits those who change jobs often or businesses that frequently change their product offerings.

5. Environmental Impact

AR business cards can be more sustainable by reducing the requirement to print many times due to inaccurate details. This aligns with the rising environmental consciousness and can be a major selling feature for environmentally conscious clients.

Why Choose an AR Business Card Over Traditional Business Cards?


Enhanced First Impressions

AR business cards provide a “wow” factor that traditional cards can’t match, delivering an excellent first impression when you enter skillful situations. The creative application of technology shows the ability to think ahead and set your company apart from other businesses.

Modern and Innovative

Incorporating Avatar business cards can present your business as innovative and technologically adept, which can be advantageous in the tech and creative industries. Customers and customers will likely be appreciative and tolerant of the benefits of modern technologies when it comes to well-qualified interactions.


They can be used for diverse industries, including marketing campaigns and personal branding, providing the ability to use them to benefit with skillful expansion. You could be an artist showing your work or an executive who wants to share an official message AR business cards can be customized to meet your requirements.

AR Business Card Platforms

Many platforms provide tools and services that allow you to design and maintain AR commercial cards. A few of the most popular options are:

  • Augmented Reality Business Card

A specialized platform for designing and managing AR business cards enhanced with an intuitive interface and custom templates. It permits the integration of different digital elements that make your business card more interactive and interactive.

  • ZapWorks

An AR creator platform that lets users create interactive AR experiences appropriate to enhance business cards. ZapWorks offers a range of appropriate tools for novices and experienced users. This means that you can design professional AR material.

  • Blippar

The platform is known for its expansive AR features, Blippar enables users to create immersive and rich AR material that can be incorporated into tangible business cards. Blippar’s platform can support various AR experiences, from basic animations to complicated 3D models.

  • ROAR

It provides a user-friendly AR creator tool that enhances business cards with various interactive elements. ROAR offers a simple interface to create AR material and is compatible with various AR applications for viewing.

Create Your Own AR Business Cards

With AR card business, you will enhance your competent image and prepare an engaging and memorable experience for your customers. With technology constantly evolving and advancing, adopting innovative solutions such as Avatar business cards can warrant that you are ahead in networking and leave an impression that lasts in a competitive marketplace. You should impress potential clients, stay on top of technological advances, or add value to your business dealings. AR business cards are an effective marketing tool for promoting your brand.

White cards are hard to scan on computers; therefore, to design business cards that allow the AR user experience, you must have an appealing design with geometric shapes and colors. Euphoria XR is the ideal instrument to help you design your AR business cards using our latest WebAR technology that incorporates AR. Let your cards go live and tell your company’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions :

The need for AR business cards has been fueled by their capability to improve customer engagement, grant memorable experiences, provide more information, establish users as creative, monitor interactions, encourage the environment, permit simple updates, and bridge physical and digital networks. This is why they’re an effective tool in today’s well-qualified settings.

Due to the growing adoption and technological advances, the future of AR business cards is expected to look promising. They will grant more immersive and interactive experiences, seamless connectivity with online tools, and enhanced analytics. As AR technology expands, AR business cards will likely be a standard for skillful marketing and networking.

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