7 Latest AI Productivity Tools in 2024

Do you ever find that the days don’t seem long enough? Maintaining your business can seem like an uphill battle with the never-ending to-do list, back-to-back meetings, and endless emails. But what if you had access to a secret weapon—a program that could produce original material instantly, automate repetitive chores, and even use customer data analysis to forecast purchasing patterns? Welcome to the artificial intelligence (AI) era.

Numerous aspects of the world have changed as a result of AI. In the midst of worries that AI might replace jobs, experts stress that people using AI, not AI itself, can increase your business productivity. There are numerous AI solutions available for different purposes, ranging from helping with content production to quickening the editing of images and videos. The purpose of this article is to present the most recent tools that are trendy in the business industry while emphasizing their distinctive specialties.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology, that allows computers and other devices to imitate human thought processes and problem-solving abilities. The ideal feature of AI is the capacity for reasoning and action toward a certain objective. According to SAS analytics, AI research started in the 1950s, and the US Department of Defense utilized it to teach computers to mimic human reasoning in the 1960s.

Algorithms are a fundamental component of artificial intelligence. Simple algorithms are employed in simple applications, and more complicated algorithms contribute to the structure of strong artificial intelligence. 

What are AI Productivity Tools?

AI productivity tools are computer programs that use AI to help us do jobs faster and with less effort. They can be anything from email organizers with intelligence to algorithms that estimate what might be the next line of code we need to write. Even though they’re not generally called productivity tools, their primary function is to organize our personal and professional tasks so that our days go more smoothly.

What are The Top 7 AI-Generative Tools to Boost Productivity in Business?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer, providing creative ways to increase output. Generative technologies are unique among the many AI tools accessible because they may improve creativity, optimize workflows, and automate content creation. Here are the top 7 AI Generative Tools designed specifically for businesses, each of which has special characteristics to increase output and efficiency.



  • Strong linguistic comprehension: Manages intricate discussions and gives considered answers.Chat GPT

  • Logical reasoning: Examines data and offers well-thought-out answers.

  • Human-like responses: Produces engaging and organic responses.

  • Integration capabilities: Allows automated workflows by integrating with other apps (such as Zapier).


  • Acts as a flexible helper. Manages a range of duties, including writing, investigation, and evaluation.

  • Streamlines processes automatically and aves time and effort through tool integration.

  • Conducts natural communication, giving the impression of speaking with a real person.

In November 2023, ChatGPT received a significant update that brought a new version known as GPT-4 Turbo. The following summarizes the properties of GPT-3 and GPT-4:

GPT-3 (Released in 2020)


  • Impressive size: It is quite adaptable due to its training on a large dataset of text and code.

  • Text generation: It produces various artistic text formats, including scripts, musical compositions, code, and poetry.

  • Machine translation: Manages language translation.

  • Answering questions: Offers insightful responses to your inquiries.

GPT-4 Turbo (released in November 2023):

Fresh features:

  • Calling functions: enables the creation of JSON objects with arguments for the model’s required function calls.

  • Enhanced precision: Overall improved accuracy as a result of numerous modifications.

Note: It’s crucial to remember that although ChatGPT provides a free version with GPT-3.5 capabilities, only paid developers may access the GPT-4 Turbo features.

Bard (Gemini)

Bard—now called Gemini—offers a unique approach on AI support. It is centred on natural language communication and is an effective research, brainstorming, and creative exploration tool. Here are some of its salient characteristics and advantages:


  • No matter how difficult, strange, or open-ended your inquiries are, Gemini is great at understanding the context and intent behind them.Google Bard-Gemmi

  • Creates a variety of imaginative text styles in response to your instructions.

  • Gemini can answer any question you have by using Google’s vast knowledge base to deliver insightful replies. It can write stories according to your preferences or summarise real subjects.

  • Gemini is a language interpreter, which helps you communicate with people of other languages and access information in multiple languages.


  • Gemini can provide you with appropriate resources, offer alternative viewpoints, and summarise information.

  • Helps you overcome writer’s block and discover new possibilities by creating various creative text styles depending on your thoughts.

  • Ask insightful questions and get insightful responses from Gemini to gain a greater grasp of a variety of subjects.

  • Expand your knowledge and viewpoint by having an engaging and educational discussion about a range of subjects with Gemini.

Note: Bard changed to Gemini to represent Google’s wider range of AI models.


Jasper.ai is a powerful artificial intelligence platform that is especially useful for marketing and social media content generation. Below is a summary of its salient characteristics and the advantages they provide:


  • Jasper offers a wide range of pre-made templates to meet different needs for marketing content. This covers content for websites, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, product descriptions, and even Google Ads. Jasper - AI

  • Makes use of AI to understand your target market and brand voice in order to produce human-quality content that appeals to them. To guarantee continuity with your brand identity, you can alter the writing style and tone.

  • Jasper has a function called “Boss Mode” that makes it easier for you to produce drafts quickly. You’ll save time when you brainstorm and organise your content this way.

  • It integrates with well-known marketing platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, enabling you to manage everything in a central location and optimise your workflow for creating content.


  • Produces excellent content pieces with speed and efficiency. Jasper helps you go over creative blockages and gets rid of writer’s block, which saves you a tonne of time and effort.

  • Keeps the voice and tone of your brand constant throughout all of your marketing collateral. Jasper modifies its text to comply with your brand standards.

  • Focuses on other matters, such as strategy, while Jasper does the labor-intensive task of creating content. As a result, you may work more efficiently and meet your marketing objectives more quickly.


Grammarly is a unique writing aid driven by AI that is dependable and built to improve written communication. Here is a closer look at its salient characteristics and the advantages they offer:


  • Grammarly serves as your personal grammar police, pointing out and fixing typos and other grammatical mistakes. This includes correcting typos, problems with subject-verb agreement, and improper word usage.Grammarly

  • Provides recommendations to enhance the readability and concision of your writing. It assists you in rephrasing tricky sentences, recognizing too complicated wording, and making sure your message is understandable and clear.

  • Offers editing suggestions to help you match your tone with your intended audience and purpose by adjusting the formality or informality of your writing.

  • Grammarly’s premium edition checks your writing for possible plagiarism, allowing you to relax and preventing unexpected copyright violations.


  • Makes a good first impression with writing that looks professional. With Grammarly, you can get rid of typos, grammatical errors, and poor phrasing, leaving your work polished and error-free.

  • Delivers your point clearly. The tips provided by Grammarly guarantee that your writing is understandable, succinct, and clear to your audience.

  • Compose with assurance, knowing that your message conveys your intended tone and is grammatically correct. Grammarly serves as a safeguard, identifying mistakes before they are seen by readers.

  • Grammarly’s recommendations can gradually help you become a better writer by emphasising your areas of weakness and offering substitute phrases.


DALL-E 3 has been created by OpenAI’s modern AI system. It has transformed image production from text descriptions.


  • Lets you describe your intended image in great depth. Objects, their locations, lighting, style, and even emotions can all be specified in this way.

  • Produce images in a range of artistic styles, including photorealistic, painting, cartooning, sketching, and more. This enables you to precisely customise the images to meet your artistic requirements.

  • DALL-E 3 is not limited to a single image. You might ask for variants on the same theme, experimenting with various object placements, colour schemes, and compositions. Additionally, it enables adjusting particular details in already-taken photos.


  • By producing surprising and motivating images based on your descriptions, DALL-E 3 assists in getting past creative blockages. This can improve your creative process and inspire fresh ideas.

  • Creates original graphics for social networking, marketing materials, presentations, and even creative expression. The possibilities of DALL-E 3 go beyond basic stock images.

  • Makes challenging ideas more visually appealing so that people can easily understand and recall them. This can be useful for brainstorming meetings, educational materials, and presentations.

Copy.ai (AI-driven Marketing Copywriter Helper)

Copy.ai is a productivity tool that uses AI-powered copywriting to quicken the creation of marketing content. Here are some of its salient characteristics:


  • Supplies a huge library of copywriting templates for use in a range of marketing contexts, such as Facebook posts, website copy, product descriptions, email marketing campaigns, and Google Ads.

  • Gives you the ability to alter the produced content to suit your target market and unique brand voice.

  • Has a “Long-Form Editor” for creating lengthy content pieces such as sales letters, blog entries, and landing pages for websites.

  • Enables you to test multiple versions of your marketing content to find out which ones connect most strongly with your target market.

  • Connects with well-known design programs like Canva, making it possible for you to switch between copywriting and design tasks in your workflow with ease.


  • Creates persuasive marketing copy that appeals to your target demographic and has a high conversion rate.

  • Saves time when coming up with ideas and crafting several copy revisions.

  • Helps determine which messaging is more effective through A/B testing.

  • Establishes a common brand voice for all promotional materials.

Bing AI (Now called Copilot)

Now known as Copilot, is an AI-powered suite within the Microsoft ecosystem that is intended to improve information discovery and productivity. The following describes its primary characteristics, with an emphasis on the Copilot features in particular:


  • It acts as a virtual research helper for Bing searches.

  • Recognises the purpose and context of your search query.

  • Summarises complicated subjects, highlighting important details and ideas.

  • provides supplementary materials and recommendations pertaining to your search.

  • Helpful for content generation.

  • Integrates with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word from Microsoft.

  • Produces a variety of artistic text types from within these programmes, including scripts, email outlines, poems, and code snippets.

  • Helps in overcoming writer’s block by offering concepts and alternative wording.

  • Able to compose in a variety of creative content types and translate between languages.


  • Removes the need to switch between tools by integrating directly with Microsoft programmes.

  • Provides appropriate sources and summarises difficult material, saving time.

  • Provides ideas and various text styles to help overcome writer’s block and ignite creativity.

  • Within the Microsoft environment, tasks become more efficient and you can do more.

Bottom Line!

The AI productivity tools mentioned in this guide will help you get on the AI train if you haven’t already. Determine the largest obstacles facing your company and try to eliminate them. Register for a free trial, try out a particular task, and evaluate how much time you save or the quality of the output you get better. Entrepreneurs that are forward-thinking are identifying the tools that will make a difference; perhaps this list contains the ones that are best for you.

We are the AI experts at EuphoriaXR. Moreover, we develop unique AI solutions that advance companies. Are you prepared to let go of burnout and welcome extraordinary productivity? Get in touch with top AI Development Services in USA right now to learn how AI can transform your company, increase your success, and help you perform at the highest level.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

AI can be beneficial for meetings in several ways:

  • Discussions from meetings are automatically translated for accessibility and reference.

  • Reminders, scheduling, and information gathering are all capabilities of virtual meeting assistants.

  • Tools for data analysis that conclude participant interactions and meeting recordings to enhance subsequent gatherings.

Zoom is one of the best tools for conducting online video conferences and meetings. Moreover, the meeting insights and AI-powered suggestions of Microsoft Teams, the autozoom and noise reduction features of Google Meet, and virtual meeting assistants like x.ai and Clara are a few examples of AI solutions for meetings.

Companies can use chatbots, marketing automation platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems that are powered by AI to incorporate AI into their sales and marketing processes. For better results, sales and marketing personnel should be aware of using AI tools and to regularly analyze and adjust their performance.

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